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  • The sale includes a license key which will be sent to your email address immediately after payment.
  • The key will come with official download links and simple installation instructions.
  • This key will activate Office 2021 Professional Plus on one PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  • This is a one time purchase, no monthly/annual subscription or renewal required.
  • It will work on fresh or existing installations of Office 2021 Professional Plus.
  • Office 2021 Professional Plus includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Skype for Business.
  • You will get all official updates and support from Microsoft.
  • It supports all languages and works worldwide. Works for both 32/64 bit editions.
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Office 2021 is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to save time and money on their office needs, with features specifically tailored towards entrepreneurs.

This new edition of Microsoft Office has been developed by company executives familiar with what it takes to own your own business — helping you simplify tasks like invoicing or scheduling meetings while still providing all key software programs such as Word and Excel, which are necessary for any modern-day work environment.

Office 2021 offers a great way to have access to your tools from anywhere in the world. With the Home & Business edition of Office 2021 you can work more efficiently than ever before:

  • New, more accessible design for all of your favourite Office apps. Enjoy the ribbon-based interface brought to you in a new light, with powerful dark mode support and more!
  • No subscription required — with one purchase, you unlock every software you’ll ever need to build a reliable foundation for your business.
  • Stay connected and share your files with ease. Office 2021 makes your life easier with more sharing options and accessibility than ever before.

The new Office suite is definitely worth trying out if you want to find success in today’s competitive market! Receiving these updated applications for a one-time fee allows you to enjoy the classic experience of using Word, Excel and PowerPoint in conjunction with more business-focused apps like Outlook.

The Office 2021 suite also comes with many additional features that will help save time when working on your next project or presentation — don’t miss this opportunity!

Microsoft Word 2021

The word processing software you love to use for essays and documents is back, but this time around it’s better than ever. With new features that make writing more cohesive no matter the occasion — whether school work or home projects — your favourite app has been extended with cool tricks up its sleeve!

  • Get more done in less time than ever before. All the tools you need for any project, at your fingertips! Use the “Tell me” bar to locate features, and place them in a Quick Access Toolbar for easy access.
  • Improved Dark mode. Keep the screen easy on your eyes with the new, improved Dark mode. Now, your page turns dark too, and you can enter Focus mode to change background colors with no distractions.
  • Better Read Aloud voices. New, vastly improved text-to-speech voices have arrived at Word 2021. Enjoy high-quality, understandable voices to help you understand documents better. Yes, it even works with the new Line Focus in Immersive Reader!
  • Commenting made modern. No more sidebar pop-ups. Comments are now inline and contextual, with @mentions and much more to come.
  • Transform your document into a website. Microsoft Sway allows you to create a webpage in 1 click from your Word document. Choose from different layout options, animations, and make edits in Sway.

Microsoft Excel 2021

Microsoft Excel 2021 is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use spreadsheet application in today’s market. Take your data analysis skills up a notch with all of these new features that were made just for people like yourself.

Excel 2021 extends the limits of what was previously thought possible. You can now go beyond ideas and create complex, professional spreadsheets with ease!

  • Use your data to its fullest. Analyze information quickly and easily. People from any occupation or country around the world can have access to better decision-making skills based on findings from their Excel spreadsheets!
  • New functions. Powerful new functions allow you to manipulate and work with your data in more ways. Newly introduced functions include LET() and XLOOKUP() in Excel, with many more to come!
  • Stability and performance improvements. Excel’s improved performance makes working on large sets easier than ever before, thanks to its faster speed in both calculation and navigation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2021

PowerPoint 2021 is perfect for people who want to create engaging presentations and actually share them in a way that gets more attention than before. With improvements made by Microsoft themselves as well as new features being added — you can’t go wrong.

  • Be creative, be professional. The best presentations are the ones where you can let your imagination flow. PowerPoint 2021 lets you do just that, but it still maintains a professional tone for all sorts of scenarios.
  • Master of the craft. Presentations are the best when they flow from one thing to another in an entertaining manner. PowerPoint 2021 allows you to keep your presentations fresh and interesting with tools, animations, transitions!
  • Insert new icons and 3D models. Work with an expanded library of SVG icons to make your work stand out from the rest! Choose between professionally designed ones, or upload your own if you’re feeling creative.
  • PowerPoint 2021 makes you feel heard. Now, your presentations can have a more personal touch with recording narration from the program itself — no need to find an outside source or invest time into recording yourself in a separate app.

Microsoft Outlook 2021

Focused. Organized. Responsive.

Emails are the backbone of a successful business. You need to be able to see through them clearly, and have access even when you’re on the go! Outlook 2021 improves all aspects of emailing including formatting, contacts, and attachments. It’s easier than ever before for you or your organization to reach clients or coworkers with Outlook 2021 at hand.

Don’t forget about planning meetings too! Outlook can help you plan meetings in person, as well as online via Skype for Business. Fill your calendar with upcoming events, deadlines & more from within one simple application.

Microsoft Access 2021

Accurate. Secure. Efficient.

A simple spreadsheet application is often not the best choice to provide reliable business reports. Bad data, duplicate values, and missing or inconsistent information can all lead you down the wrong path. Don’t spend time and money trying to restore lost records and correct mistakes — use Access 2021 to prevent mistakes from even happening.

Access 2021 stores your record using its own format, that’s based on the Access Jet Engine. It also imports or links directly into other applications where valuable information comes from – saving you from hassle (and potential errors). No more manual data entry, just flawlessly integrated efficiency.

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    Thanks for your Social Service 😀

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    I was worried that the key would be a Volume License like many fruad websites around. But it’s not. It’s genuinely Retail key. I checked with the command cscipt ospp.vbs/dstatus, and it comfirmed that the installation was Retail. Also, I can do a custom install using Office Deployment Tool. And after formatting my PC and reinstalling, I didn’t even need to go through the long process and MS Office got activated automatically. I don’t know how they manage to sell it at such competitive prices, but it works!

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